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Pure Color Dog Shoulder Bags


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Color: hl7363 Dog Bag

hl7363 Dog Bag
hl7364 Dog Bag
hl7365 Dog Bag
hl7366 Dog Bag
hl7367 Dog Bag
hl7368 Dog Bag
hl7370 Dog Bag
hl7371 Dog Bag
hl7372 Dog Bag
hl7373 Dog Bag
hl7374 Dog Bag
hl7375 Dog Bag
hl7376 Dog Bag
hl7377 Dog Bag
hl7379 Dog Bag
hl7380 Dog Bag
hl7381 Dog Bag
hl7383 Dog Bag
hl7384 Dog Bag
hl7385 Dog Bag
hl7387 Dog Bag
hl7388 Dog Bag
hl7390 Dog Bag
hl7391 Dog Bag
hl7392 Dog Bag
hl7393 Dog Bag
hl7394 Dog Bag
hl7395 Dog Bag
hl7396 Dog Bag
hl7397 Dog Bag
hl7398 Dog Bag
hl7399 Dog Bag
hl7400 Dog Bag
hl7401 Dog Bag
hl7402 Dog Bag
hl7403 Dog Bag
hl7404 Dog Bag
hl7405 Dog Bag
hl7406 Dog Bag
hl7407 Dog Bag
hl7408 Dog Bag
hl7409 Dog Bag
hl7410 Dog Bag
hl7411 Dog Bag
hl7413 Dog Bag
hl7414 Dog Bag
hl7415 Dog Bag


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Custom Pure Color Animal Shoulder Bags Gift Cute Dog Print Handbags for Women Casual Reusable Shopping Bags Beach Portable Tote


Products Real Shot

Zipper closure

LIGHT WEIGHT AND LARGE CAPACITY:Our tote bag , super-soft fabric, expand to hold a considerable load definitely will take usual purse contents, iPads, phone, a print-book or two, magazines, umbrella, make up,etc.. It can be used as a beach bag, overnight bag, carry to the pool or beach

WITH ZIPPERS:Our tote bag has a main closure, as well as a small inner pocket.can put mobile phone, wallet and other valuables

WATERPROOF: Our tote bag is rain proof, with a zipper and made from a lightweight material that repels water for a short period of time

EASY TO CARRY: The fabric is soft and thinner material but sturdy, foldable and easy to carry, when you go shopping or travel.

THE COLORS ARE BRIGHT: The tote bag use the latest printing process, The quality of the pattern is very high, make the tote stylish,you will love it. Many Cute designs,best gifts for women and girls.

Friendly Notice:

1) All tote bags are handmade, there may be 1-2cm deviation exist.

2) Actual color may be slight difference between the monitor display picture because of the light brightness.


What should I consider when choosing pet food?

Look for high-quality ingredients, choose an appropriate food for your pet's age and health needs, and consult with your vet.

How do I choose the right size collar?

Measure your pet's neck, add two inches, and select the appropriate size based on the brand's sizing chart.

What types of toys are safe?

Choose non-toxic toys appropriate for your pet's size and activity level, and regularly inspect them for damage.

How often should I bathe my pet?

It depends on your pet's breed and activity level, but generally dogs need to be bathed every 2-3 months and cats don't need to be bathed unless necessary.

What should I look for in a pet carrier?

Choose a carrier that is appropriate for your pet's size, made with sturdy materials and good ventilation, and comfortable for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down in.

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